Sport City Oaxaca


LOCATION: San Felipe del Agua, Oaxaca de Juárez, México
YEAR: 2013

Designed with J.J. Santibañez. Sport City Oaxaca is a 16,000 square meter  sport center with indoor and outdoor areas. In the main building you’ll find a cafe a shop and main gym. Equipped to perform cardiovascular activity, bodybuilding and stretching, it also has the necessary facilities for group classes, a semi-Olympic pool, four tennis court, a multi-use court (for basketball, soccer, volleyball), a spacious storage room and a children´s area.

The building is inspired by Oaxacan vernacular construction mixing traditional and contemporary materials.

Adobe, stone and concrete walls. Metal, wood, and bamboo roofs.

Winner of the prestigious CEMEX award in 2014 for SUSTAINABILITY both in MEXICO and INTERNATIONAL categories. Also won 2nd place in the EDUCATIONAL AND CULTURAL category.

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