Xochimilco 2


LOCATION: Xochimilco, Oaxaca de Juárez, México
YEAR: 2015

A small allotment in a narrow cul-de-sac gave way to a 2 story private house in the old neighborhood of Xochimilco in Oaxaca. The client required something fast, beautiful and of course inexpensive and, if possible, to save the pre-existing tree in the center of the allotment. The L shaped form started by surrounding the tree and focusing the house towards its frontal patio where the entrance is.  On the ground floor: the  social area, with the living room and kitchen creating an open main-space that fills the almost entirety of the floor leaving just enough space for a bathroom and service area. The open areas all open to patio through big glass windows with a thin metal frame that blur the line between the garden and the interior.



Upstairs, the private area of the house, we arrive to a big skylight that illuminates the vestibule that gives access to the 2 main bedrooms.

Outside we decided to leave a semi-rough brick appearance like the backs of surrounding buildings which are very common on this area. The orange earthy paint was added to create a warmer interior atmosphere.


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