Adobe for Women

Compilacao Casas

LOCATION: San Juan Mixtepec y Ayuquililla, Mixteca, Oaxaca
YEAR: 2011-2015

A little over 4 years after the project began, the Adobe for Women Project has finally reached its conclusion. This last June, all windows and doors were installed and now every one of the 23 houses is finally inhabited and fully functioning. 

Adobe for Women is a non-profit association, founded in 2011, whose objective was to build 23 adobe houses in the villages of San Juan Mixtepec (16) and Ayuquililla (7) in the southern Mexican state of Oaxaca.  Created by Arquitectos Artesanos, blaanc and Rootstudio, Adobe for Women, was a response to a request of a group of women who organized themselves and asked for assistance to help them build their homes.

The houses are destined for 23 women and kin in various difficult circumstances, and each one of them participated either in the building process or in providing assistance to the volunteers. They will slowly appropriate their future home and simultaneously, hope, that will transform the spaces into safe, caring places for their families.

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The construction of the first house began in March of 2011 which led to the production of more than 40.000 adobe bricks using earth from the surrounding areas. The following stages required volunteers that went regularly (mostly weekends) to work on these houses from the foundations, to the adobe blocks, the floor tiles, roof and tiles.


This project relied on the hundreds of volunteers that came,from Mexico and around the world to help building these houses along with RootStudio and several regular volunteers. To all of them, our gratitude.

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