Jardines de la Soledad


LOCATION: San Jacinto Amilpas, Santa Maria Atzompa, Oaxaca de Juárez, México
YEAR: 2015

In 2015, a client approached us to design a Salon de Fiestas in San Jacinto Amilpas. The Salon de Fiestas are built to host a variety of celebrations, from wedding receptions to Quinceañeras, meaning they are meant to receive a large number of guests under any number of circumstances. Today, these spaces have become a important part of Mexican celebrations, and the center of family gatherings. Often, as in this case, the Salon has a standard display of spaces: a guest hall, a kitchen and bathroom services. The idea in this case was to create a space that, ideally, would resemble a backyard garden venue. The design is focused on emulating the bucolic Mexican villa with it’s traditional and contemporary design features to create a familiar atmosphere to these often family gatherings. To this effect, the centerpiece of the building, a massive wooden structure, spanning 25 meter long and 12 meter wide, covers the entirety of the salon leaving an open threshold to the surrounding gardens.

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