OIDHO Association


LOCATION: Colonia Florestal, Santa Maria Atzompa, Oaxaca de Juárez
YEAR: 2015

In the beginning of 2014 the OIDHO association commissioned a project for the construction of the Casa de Las Mujeres, a guest-house to accommodate women who came to this association searching either for shelter or refuge at their facilities in the Colonia Florestal, S.M. Atzompa. With very strict resources the project consisted of the construction of a two story adobe building with large open rooms, a kitchen and a storage space. Later the project expanded and we began the adaptation of two other existing facilities. The primary stage was funded by this association through the agreed donation of each member’s due state fund benefit. Later on due to the building process, the original sum allowed a second stage: the recuperation and improvement of the adjacent bathroom facilities. The third stage of this process was the renovation of the assembly hall. This was made possible using Conacyt funding provided for the development of new technologies, namely reinforced bamboo beams. Throughout the construction process a large number of students and volunteers helped with the building process alongside the OHIDO community. This in fact allowed the costs to be lowered and the increased extension of the original proposal.




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