Atzompa Bridges


LOCATION: Santa Maria Atzompa, Oaxaca de Juárez, Oaxaca
YEAR: 2016

Along the Rio Chiquito and Revolution streets, a small canal intersects  and divides major residencial areas in the periphery of Santa Maria Atzompa. The canal, while having some crossing points for vehicles (very far apart), has a lack of safe and accesible passages for pedestrians to cross over. This becomes worse during the raining seasons when this canal fills up and crossing it becomes very complicated. To resolve this, the local population had some improvised bridges made of wood poles and wood boards, but they were dangerous and unfit for passing. Most would rather cross the canal than to use them. Due to an extremely narrow budget, three bridges were proposed and they were installed near the old wooden bridges. Costing around 50.000 pesos each, they were build in a month using metal beams that support a metal frame which in turn is covered with wood planks lining the interior. One of the bridges, was designed to withstand the passing of motorcycles and vending cars. Plans for further bridges are expected, either pedestrian or vehicular.

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