San Antonio Chapel

LOCATION: Puebla de Zaragoza,Puebla. 
YEAR: 2015-2017

The Project emerged in the workshop given during the professorship Oscar Hagerman “Diseñando con las personas”, which was held in the Universidad Iberoamericana Puebla in 2015. For this professorship edition Oscar invited RootStudio for give a conference and a bamboo construction workshop. The main objective of the workshop was that the result structure had a charitable end, the resources and materials would be given as a donation for a community in unfavorable conditions.

The result of the workshop was a bamboo paraboloid and now it’s the cover of a chapel located in the suburbs of the city. The first phase of this project was the construction of the paraboloid, which was made in three days with the work and help of the students and participants, the second one was a lengthy process which included the transportation of the structure to the community out of the city and a phase to improve and fix the existing chapel.

The lengthy process, culminated in 2017 with the inauguration of the chapel during the festivity of San Antonio, as a result of the enthusiasm and hard work of the students from the Universidad Iberoamericana and volunteers.


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