Mezcal Los Amantes Pavilion – Kitchen in Santiago Tenango

LOCATION: Parque el llano, Oaxaca - Santiago Tenango, Oaxaca. 
YEAR: 2017

Annually, “La feria del mezcal” is carried out in Oaxaca city, an event that brings together some of the best brands of mezcal, an event where each brand must build a stand to exhibit and to sell their products. For the 2017 edition the brand “Los Amantes” commissioned RootStudio to make the design and the construction of their stand.


The project has a simple program, a bar and a contra bar for the exhibition of the bottles, one of the main restrictions of this little project was the brief time we had to build the stand, three days of construction, two weeks of exhibition and two days to dismantle.



The main idea of the design has origin in the little houses of towns and the image of the ancient canteen. The final project was a stand with a wood structure made of trusses reinforces with a metal frame, the outside faces of the structure were covered with galvanized steel sheet, with the apparent structure inside. For the main bar, the central item of the stand, we made a simple volume, a metallic frame covered with rusting steel sheet and a copper footrest, the contra bar was made with two shelves made of wood, as additional details we included a fan and a moto-taxi for complete the image of an ancient canteen.


When the exhibition was over, the brand “Los Amantes” decided to donate the stand, which with some little adjustments was turned into a kitchen for a family in unfavorable conditions who lives in a small town out of the city. Built in many weekends and with the help of several volunteers, Mrs. Fer and their family have a new and functional kitchen.


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